The Master Carvers Association boasts a membership of over 40, about half being individual carvers and the rest employing a number of apprentices and trained crafts people.

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Between them, our members possess a huge number of skills, including: figure and heraldic carving; picture frame carving and gilding; letter cutting in both wood and stone; architectural wood and stone carving along with ecclesiastical carving; modelling for casting in many materials and mould making; cabinet making and furniture restoration – thus completely demolishing the commonly held belief that ‘all the old skills have disappeared’.

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Members keep in touch through occasional news bulletins, meetings and every modern method of communication and quite often form teams of carvers to undertake large or prestigious jobs where a number of skilled carvers are required.

One such team, put together by the Association, worked on the fine restoration of the Carlton House Trophies at Windsor Castle, damaged in the fire.

This team not only had to patch and re-gild carvings that had been damaged, but in some cases completely recreate missing trophies from photographs.

  • More about the history of the MCA will be found using the link at the top of the page or here.

Some of our members have branched out overseas and have been involved in carving for new buildings in the Middle East, Japan, Ireland and the USA. In fact 3 of our members now reside in the USA.

The Association has created the new class of membership, Associate Member. This allows the inclusion of individuals, institutions and companies with specific interests in the world of professional carving in wood and stone but who are neither carvers nor direct employers of carvers themselves. Associate Members are able to debate, lobby and take part in the information flow and activities of the Association. There are regular special events and professional visits organised to unusual historical venues normally closed to the public that provide insight into varying aspects of the world of carving and enhance all categories of Member’s continuing professional development (CPD), not to mention the social engagement enjoyed by all.

If you are a professional wood or stone carver, you can apply for Membership of the MCA.

If you have specific interests in the world of professional wood or stone carving, you can apply for Associate Membership of the MCA.

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