Gary Dench

Antiques and Restorations
Canal Place,
West Sussex,

Tel: 07772 352505


Gary Dench is a graduate of the City and Guilds School of Art and a fully trained period wood-carver and gilder after some 20 years of employment, mainly under Partridge Fine Arts PLC.

During this time , Gary was very fortunate to restore some of the very best period carved and gilt-wood furniture and related items, such as the Carlton House trophies damaged and lost during the Windsor Castle fire.

The business continues to offer these skills and experience, as well as buying and selling carefully selected carving related antiques.

Services include:

  • Carving repairs and replacement, copies and reproductions
  • Gesso cutting and repairs.
  • Conservation of wood, gesso and gilding. Including careful removal of over-gilding.
  • Gilding and toning.
  • Heraldic carving.
  • Lettering.

Examples of work:

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