Julian Stanley

Ewyas Harold Common
Ewyas Harold
Herefordshire HR2 0JD

Tel/Fax: 01981 241411

Website: www.julianstanley-woodcarvingfurniture.co.uk
Email: Julian-stanley@btconnect.com

With a blend of skill and versatility, Julian Stanley produces a range of exquisite furniture, much of it inspired by the Italian, French and English periods. Meticulous copies can be created, alongside his own stunning original pieces.

Working with many top designers, architects, furniture companies and, of course, private clients, Julian has, over the years, been able to develop a large range of skills, enabling him to produce beautiful and often very complicated carved furniture.
Much of his work comes from clients in America, the Caribbean, London, the Middle East and many private homes in the United Kingdom.

Architectural work of all dimensions is also undertaken and complete rooms can be designed and furnished, working closely to the client’s specification, creating a unique environment which mirrors the the expectations of the individual.
From the boardroom to the bedroom, Julian’s skills encompass a whole range of domestic and commercial furniture of the highest quality, which is ultimately enhanced by the use of the finest gilding, painting and marbling, polishing and upholstery.

Examples of Work:


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