W Thomas Restorations Ltd

201 Avro House
Havelock Terrace
London SW8 4AS

Tel: O20 7627 4001
Fax: O20 7627 4241

Website: www.thomasrestorations.com

Gilding and Woodcarving Restoration & Conservation Specialists:

Formed in the mid-1920s, W Thomas has been a leading authority in 18th and early 19th century carved and giltwood furniture and decorations.
The company has been involved in many important restoration projects, including work at Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Uppark, Mansion House, The Wallace Collection and with leading antique dealers in England and America.

W Thomas Restorations Ltd also make reproductions to the same exacting standards as their 18th century counterparts and carry out commissions to copy or design giltwood mirrors and ornaments.

Examples of Work:

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